CapitalWave's Forex Trading Simulator (FTS)

Welcome to the Forex Trading Simulator (FTS)


The Forex Trading  Simulation (FTS) or CapitalFTS (v2.5 – updated February 2016)  is an engaging and powerful Forex trading simulator designed to get participants to understand the role of currencies and trading them in a global economy.


This is our latest simulation platform.  Born of a number of client requests to have a simulation platform that accurately represents a Forex trading environment and the conditions under which a Forex trader lives.  We choose to work with industry professionals to insure that the platform was not only robust but included all of the necessary tools for students to understand this complex market.


As with all of our platforms, the FTS is a competition based simulation platform that allows for instructors to select (and create) market conditions that are repeatable and not dependent on ‘the current market conditions’ which may be either static or volatile.  As a firm, we strongly believe that having the ability to create simulations provides the best opportunity for the learner to experience situations that may have occurred in the past OR may occur in the future.


As with all of platforms, FTS has added a deep set of analytically performance measures for instructors to use in analysis of trader/student participation.  We deeply believe that the addition of these analytic summaries create a deeper value of the product to each client.  What makes this simulation so versatile is that it can be customized to the program being conducted and offers instructors the ability to align the tradable securities with their material